S'more Tags!

Mmmmm Chocolate, Marshmallow and Graham Crackers!

Here is the zip file with the Blade Pro presets and the tube.
Save the Presets to your blade pro environments folder.
(Should work with regular and Super Blade Pro)  

This is the color for the graham cracker

Use a large font, vector setting, this color.

Drag the corners out to enlarge the text as you want it.
Convert to raster.

Duplicate the layer.
Click on the selection tool, surround the text and click to select.
Fill with white color.
Duplicate the white layer.

Fill the top layer with this color.

Click on the graham cracker layer. X out the other layers for now.
if the marquee is not around the text, surround the text and click to select it.
To use Blade Pro you must have a selection made.
Open Blade Pro, Click on the Icon to open a preset.
Click on Grahamcracker preset.

Selections/ select none.
Click on the white layer to unX.
Move the white layer with the move tool to off set as shown.
Click on the Chocolate layer to UnX.  Off set as shown.
Surround the text, click to select.

Apply the Chocolate preset as you did the other.
Selections/select none.
Position if you need, to get give the cookie look.

Merge visible layers.
Give a drop shadow.

Position the tube, and save!
Easiest S'Mores I ever made!