Open Animation Wizard. This is 3.
Click on the wizard as we did in the other tutorial.
Select your frames. Make SURE they are in order. 
Use the move up/down to place them. 
Set the time to 10 or 15.

This is the start frame. 

At the finish of each letter I changed the frame properties
to 50 to give an extra small pause. Very Effective.

Click on that frame/right click and Frame Properties.

The last frame should be set at 500 
so the animation does not loop too fast.

Click on the crop tool.
Crop the extra space away. When you crop,
the lines will show on all frames. Make sure to include
all your feathers and name in each frame.

Crop it.

BE SURE the background color is set to
a color you use most of the time.

I set mine to white.
Click on File/Export/Gif/
ALWAYS use the gif wizard.
it will prevent the tiny speckled effect some gifs have.

See....I KNEW You could do it!