Then open a new image and add your name to it.
Crop to the smallest size you can get it to be.

You will be using these commands.


Note the size of the clown car image and then make a new transparent image a bit bigger.
Copy and paste empty frames after each other until you get about 15 frames.
Toggle the Onionskin preview, Copy your name,
click on the first frame - it will be highlighted blue - and paste your name
so it's coming into view from the left. The text will be moving left to right.
Continue clicking on each frame in turn, while pasting your name
in the frame until you get your name across the whole image.
The Onionskin will show you where you have been, so to speak.
So you can line the name up correctly.

Note how many frames your name took. Here 16 frames.
Copy and paste the clown cars two frames to get the same number of frames.(16)
be sure to watch how you copy and paste so the frames alternate correctly.

You are going to copy the clown car frames and
paste them into the frames of the name
so the name has the illusion of being behind the car.

CTRL A the clown car to highlight all the frames. COPY

click on the name frame, CTRL-A to select all the frames.
Click on the Paste Into Selected Frames icon.

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