Transparent Gifs 2


 When you have the Antialias checked, the effect gives a smooth look.
Antialias gives varying shades in varying opacity. When applying transparency (gif effect)
these shades pick up the background color you choose to be the transparent background.
Whew! What the heck did I just say?!
When you save a gif, you must pick a background color on the color palette (shown)
to match the color of 'paper' you will be using the gif on.

  Notice the gifs below.

This first one was save with black as the background color. You can see the spots when used on white or pink  'paper' but black looks good. Because it was saved with a black background, the varying pixels took on the black background.

This gif was saved with a white background.
It look bad on black, ok on pink, good on white.
You need to know the background color of the paper you will use. To be sure there will be no pixels showing... save your gifs in psp format so you can save with the background color you will use the gif with. I save mine with a white background, and as a psp. If I need something other that white then I save the gif as needed. It's a little more work but Detail makes a Designer Tag.

In playing around with this tutorial I found that 
you can do it easier too!

Start with your name

Add a layer, drag the new layer under your name layer
fill the bottom layer with the same color. Click on the name layer.
Click on the selection tool, surround the name, even though you can't see it,
Start at one corner and drag the selection to the opposite diagonal corner,
click ON the name to select it. As shown.
Merge visible layers. CTRL C -- CTRL V
To copy and paste.

When saved with the font color as the background color
 it looks good on all colors.